Case With Ropes and Rings. Leo Bruce.

Case With Ropes and Rings

Chicago: Academy Chicago, 1980. First U.S. Edition. Paperback. Very rare. Used - Very Good. Clean, unmarked, tight copy. Some wear to spine but no creasing. Light toning. 11.5 x 17.5 cm. 192 pp. Item #10392

A Sgt. Beef Mystery.

From our Instagram post for this book (May 17, 2019):

Leo Bruce was the pseudonym for Rupert Croft-Cooke, an extremely prolific English writer of both nonfiction and fiction, under both names.
Leo Bruce was gay and having lived in England during a time when homosexuality was considered anti-social and criminal behavior, Bruce paid a heavy price for his sexual orientation.

In 1953 the UK authorities sent Bruce to prison because he had sex with two Navy cooks, both men, inside the privacy of his own home. The episode came to light when the Navy cooks ratted Bruce out to the police after the police arrested the cooks, in a separate incident, for assaulting two men. The cooks told the cops of their tryst with Bruce in exchange for immunity from prosecution on the assault charge.

Leo Bruce would serve nine months in prison and later moved to Morocco, Tunisia, and other countries to avoid the stigma and criminal liability that came with being gay in England during the 1950’s.

England took the first step toward decriminalizing homosexuality in 1967 with the passage of the Sexual Offenses Act of 1956, a process that would come to an end in 2003 when England completely decriminalized the act of sexual intercourse between two consenting adult men.

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