The Ashley Book of Knots. Clifford W. Ashley.

The Ashley Book of Knots

London: Faber and Faber, 1993. Reprinted with amendments by Geoffrey Budworth. Hardcover. New. Red cloth boards with gilt lettering to spine. B/W illustrations. Glossary. Index. 21.4 x 28.5 x 5 cm. 620 pp. / New. Item #10532

Every practical knot
What it looks like
Who uses It
Where It comes from
and how to tie It.
With 7,000 drawings representing over 3,800 knots.

First published in 1944, and reprinted many times since then, the latest reissue of this magnificent book contains, for the first time, fully illustrated details of all minor amendments and corrections that have come to light over the years. These have been collected and collated by Geoffrey Budworth with the help of other members of the International Guild of Knot Tyers.

This is the definitive book on knots. Here are approximately 3900 different kinds, from simple hitches to “Marlingspike Seamanship.” Mr. Ashley has included almost everything there is to know about them. Precisely named and classified (some new ones for the first time officially), they can be easily found in the big index. He tells when they appeared, something about their history, and what they are good for.

Above all, Mr. Ashley gives explicit directions on how to tie them. He describes each step simply and clearly in the text and has penned right alongside some 7000 drawings to make it still more graphic. This book and a piece of cord will open a new and challenging world of practical adventure to readers of all ages. Mr. Ashley has devoted eleven years to writing this book, and it is based on forty years of looking for, trying out, and thinking up new knots. His drawings abound in humor and the text is full of colorful anecdotes. The Ashley Book of Knots will make a unique and permanent addition to any library.

Price: HK$520.00

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