Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine Issue 47 (May 2019). Chris Song.

Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine Issue 47 (May 2019)

Hong Kong: Musical Stones Publishing Ltd, 2019. Steven Schroeder (cover art). Softcover. NEW. Bilingual. Colour photographs. 21 x 27.5 cm. 116 pp. Item #10634

In Issue 47 of Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine (May 2019), we will publish an English-language section on "Loneliness in the City". What are some of the possible relationships between the individual and a city? What are cultural expressions that speak specifically to the city experience? How does one find and lose oneself in the city? Is unconditional self-love or love for others possible in the city?

/// POETS featured in the LONELINESS IN THE CITY section: Anatoly Kudryavitsky ◍ DS Maolalai ◍ Mariel Alonzo ◍ Rubén Antonio Sánchez ◍ Marc Jeff Lañada ◍ Rohith ◍ Papa Osmubal ◍ Thomas Leonard Shaw ◍ Ankur Agarwal ◍ R. Gerry Fabian ◍ Jamie Wang ◍ Vernon Daim ◍ Leo Fernandez Almero ◍ Jocelyn Li Sin Ting ◍ Jhilam Chattaraj ◍ Low Kian Seh ◍ Quenntis Vernonn Ashby ◍ Kat Rodriguez ◍ Alex Dreppec ◍ Chenie Villaluz ◍ Maria Amparo Warren ◍ Lucas Klein ///.

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