Carry On, Jeeves. P G. Wodehouse.

Carry On, Jeeves

London: Arrow Books, 2018. Jim Tierney (cover illustrations). Reissued Edition. Sixteenth Printing. Paperback. NEW. 12.7 x 19.7 cm. 273 pp. Item #11714

'I expect I shall feel better after tea.'

A collection of ten uproarious short stories. From the moment Jeeves cures Bertie of a raging hangover with his own concoction of Worcestershire sauce and tomato juice, they become steadfast partners.

Whether it is fixing a plan-gone-wrong, or solving his friends' love lives, Jeeves is Bertie's unfaltering aide through a series of accidental - and self-imposed - misadventures.

Price: HK$120.00