Renegade or Halo 2. Timothy Mo.

Renegade or Halo 2

London: Paddleless Press, 2000. Reprint. Paperback. NEW. 12.7 x 19.7 cm. 539 pp. Item #11731

Rey Castro belongs to a small but highly distinctive tribe: he is a black Amerasian. Born in destitution in the Philippines to a bar girl mother, he is fortunate enough to be taken under the wing of an eccentric Jesuit. However, fate takes a hand when he is made the scapegoat for a crime he did not commit and is forced into semi-slavery overseas. Adventure piles on adventure in old-fashioned style but Timothy Mo's sixth novel is both traditional and devastatingly contemporary. Characters real enough to touch, dry wit, and unique style are all here.

Price: HK$130.00