Life Times: Stories, 1952-2007. Nadine Gordimer.

Life Times: Stories, 1952-2007

London: Bloomsbury, 2011. Fifth Printing. Paperback. NEW. 549 pp. Item #11754

A selection of short stories written to date by Nobel Laureate Nadine Gordimer, Life Times reveals her acute understanding of human nature and paints a fascinatingly original portrait of South Africa. Whether focusing on politics, sexuality, race, love, or loss, Gordimer maps out the terrain of human relationships with razor-sharp psychological insight and a stunning lack of sentimentality. Complex and multifaceted, her stories challenge us, time and again, to examine the conflict between our actions and our unspoken desires. This powerful collection, which includes two new stories, is a testament to Gordimer’s literary genius and the ongoing power and relevance of her vision.

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