Gear Guide: Hip-pocket Guide to Britain's Swinging Fashion Scene. Roger Dunkley David Johnson.

Gear Guide: Hip-pocket Guide to Britain's Swinging Fashion Scene

Oxford: Old House Books & Maps, 2013. Julia Stone (drawings and design), Bob Baker (photographs). First Edition. First Printing. Paperback. Used - As New. With French flaps. B/W and two-tone maps and photographs. Clean, unmarked and tight. 10 x 18 cm. 72 pp. Item #11942

The late 1960s ushered in a fashion revolution and Carnaby Street was its epicenter, birthplace of the mini-skirt and wildly exuberant fashion statements, all vividly brought to life in this reproduction illustrated pocket guide to London's swinging fashion scene at the height of its popularity and influence in 1967. Informative and entertaining chapters explore how the fashion trends began and developed and provide store-by-store reviews of the most happening and with-it boutiques with descriptions of decor and what celebrities one might expect to see there. Period photographs illustrate the era's most eye-catching fashion trends and clothing descriptions include equally eye-popping 1967 prices such as $4 dresses and $8 overcoats. The guide also includes amusing predictions about fashion beyond 1967 such as disposable paper clothing including paper shoes, transparent dresses and the inevitable "space travel" clothes that would come "when and if" we reached the moon.

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