A Journal of the Plague Year. Inti Guerrero Cosmin Costinas, Lesley Ma.

A Journal of the Plague Year

Berlin/Hong Kong: Sternberg Press, 2015. First Edition. Hardcover. NEW. Cloth-bound boards. 15.25 x 21.5 cm. Color plates. 192 pp. Item #12166

This is A Journal of the Plague Year, published by Sternberg Press in 2015 in conjunction with a 2013 traveling art exhibition of the same name held at Para Site art gallery in Hong Kong, among other places.

Through a collection of anecdotes, stories, essays and photographs, this book explores the theme that is the ‘fear of contamination’ by revisiting the SARS crisis that hit Hong Kong in 2003 and the tragic death of Canto-pop legend and film star Leslie Cheung, which took place during the same year.

It contains works by Dung Kai-cheung 董啟章, Xiaoyu Weng 翁笑雨, Shih Shu-cheng 施叔青, Finnouala McHugh, among others.

Finnouala points out astutely in her piece that it wasn’t until after SARS that the ‘Handover really took place’, what with the influx of Mainlanders and the post-SARS protests against and subsequent shelving of the national security law.

One wonders what fate has in store for Hong Kong after the current pandemic subsides. Will there be yet another ‘Handover’?

We are grateful to be able to share this special and timely book with our readers. 100% of the sales proceeds from this book will be returned to Para Site for their charity drive to support frontline medical works and domestic workers most affected by the pandemic.

Price: HK$250.00