Defiance (Collector's Edition)

Defiance (Collector's Edition)

Hong Kong: Rock Lion, 2020. First Edition. Hardcover. Paper & Finishing: 157gsm with spot varnishing. Weight: 2.2 kg. An additional HKD30 handling fee will be charged for local delivery. NEW. Bilingual (English and Chinese). Black cloth boards with gilt lettering to spine. Black endpapers. Full colour photographs. 26 x 34 x 2.5 cm. 224 pp. / NEW. French Fold jacket. Item #12930

For the entirety of the protests — from the early vast marches to the violent police arrests to the vandalism and the eventual ballot box victory — some of the world’s best local and international photographers were there to bear witness.

Photojournalists were at the front lines of the battle for Hong Kong, to capture with their lenses some of the most intimate moments and the most pivotal events.

DEFIANCE is a photographic chronicle of the most unforgettable year in Hong Kong’s history. With these images, readers will relive this remarkable period, the year the people stood defiant and Hong Kong awakened. This is the story of the awakening, as they saw it and photographed it.

Ich Bin Ein Hong Konger (Chief Photo Editor) is the pen name of a proud Hong Konger who has lived within a British colony, stood to attention as the City was handed over to become two systems, watched a mighty economic boom and a few rough falls, and then, with immense pride saw the City rediscover her heart and her soul. Ich bin ein Hong Konger recalls the words of President John F Kennedy who spoke at the footsteps of the western side of the Berlin Wall facing the CCCP, the Soviet Union, that “as a free man, I take pride in the words Ich bin ein Berliner!".

Roger Black (Art director) has been a pioneering art director and publication designer for five decades, starting in 1970 as a staff designer and then branching out on his own in 1989. He has worked with some of the best known magazines, including Rolling Stone, Esquire, Newsweek and Fast Company, and he has been involved in the early launch of websites like and He has designed newspapers from the U.S. to Switzerland to Singapore, and he is known as a legend in the field of design and typography.

ManTai See (Photo production manager) has over eight years of experience in fast-paced branding, marketing, communications teams, specializing in project management, full technical production and post-production re-touching. He has worked with some of the best-known publishing companies such as Time Inc. and Edipresse Group.

Keith B. Richburg (English text writer) spent 34 years with The Washington Post, working as local and national staff reporter, Foreign Editor, and for 20 years a foreign correspondent based in Southeast Asia, Africa, Hong Kong, Paris and Beijing. He has won numerous awards, including two George Polk Awards, for International Reporting in 1993 for his coverage of Somalia and for Economic Reporting in 1998 for covering the Asian economic crisis. He was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for his work from Africa. He is author of the critically acclaimed book, “Out of America; A Black Man Confronts Africa,” and is currently director of The University of Hong Kong’s Journalism and Media Studies Centre.

Kin-ming Liu (Chinese text writer) has been a journalist and commentator for three decades, both in Hong Kong and the United States, including writing for the Hong Kong Economic Journal, where he is also the Director of Special Projects, He was the Opinion Page Editor of Apple Daily, and held the same job at Hong Kong Economic Times. His columns have appeared in The New York Sun and on PostGlobal, the foreign policy and international affairs blog of The Washington Post. He won the 1998 Human Rights Press Award for English commentary and is the editor of "My First Trip to China: Scholars, Diplomats and Journalists Reflect on their First Encounters with China."

May James (Photo coordinator) began her photography career in 1995, shooting sporting events and portraits, and has worked in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. Shifting her focus from mainstay street photography, she has covered the Hong Kong protest movement regularly since the beginning in June 2019. Her images have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, the Guardian, the Financial Times,, Hong Kong Free Press, the South China Morning Post and her work has been distributed by the French news agency Agence France-Presse. She is one of the photographer artists for the Hong Kong Photography Gallery Bamboo Scenes.

Contributing Photographers. Over 60 of the world's best local and international photographers such as Vincent Yu, Anthony Wallace, Isaac Lawrence, Nicolas Asfouri, Dale De La Rey, Sam Tsang, Chris McGrath, Miguel Candela, Tyrone Siu and many other freelance photographers and agency photographers such as AP and AFP, with over 200 select images that capture the essence of the dramatic events in Hong Kong.

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