The Year of the Awakened 《初夏 — 初夏》. The Locals.

The Year of the Awakened 《初夏 — 初夏》

Hong Kong: Ther Locals Limited, 2020. Bess Chow, Ivan Ng, Yikho Leung , Nickson Liu , Samson Huang , Yuchun Wan , Deacon Lui, Charles Ho (photographs). First Edition. First Printing. Hardcover. NEW. Bilingual. Textured paperboards. Black endpaper. Pullout leaves depicting timeline. Colour photographs. Appendix. 25 x 21 x 1.5 cm (oblong). 193 pp. / No dust jacket (as issued). Item #13223

In the summer of 2019, Hong Kong entered the era of protesting. The extradition bill amendment triggered the largest protest in Hong Kong’s history. From primary school students to the elderly, people are taking to the streets to express their discontent at the government. The movement is leaderless. Everyone is taking the initiative to join the movement and playing their own role. Organizing rally and march, non-cooperation movement, general strike-they are our footsteps on the road of liberating Hong Kong.

The photo book connects the perspectives of eight young independent photographers. Their record at the front line is collected in this book, so that the year in which we have been awaken for freedom can be preserved. It also serves as a reminder for us to remember our faith.

Hong Kong marks the first anniversary of the protest. We have inherited sentiment and belief in the past; we have insisted and waited for our future-we are linked by our destiny. Photos will witness Hong Kong history and eventually prove us right.




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