Tale of Two Cities. Charles Dickens.

Tale of Two Cities

New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2020. Robert Douglas-Fairhurst (ed.). First Edition. Paperback. Fine/ As New. B/W illustrations. Chronology. Selected Bibliography. 14.5 x 23.5 cm. 395 pp. Item #13283

“Robert Douglas-Fairhurst’s new edition of A Tale of Two Cities sets the reader down in the midst of Dickens’s vibrant life and times. Douglas-Fairhurst, a gifted biographer of Dickens, has created an edition rich in biographical and historical detail, including a useful range of Dickens’s related writings, as well as an excellent selection of classic and more recent Dickens scholarship.” —DEBORAH LUTZ, University of Louisville

This Norton Critical Edition includes:

The first edition of the novel (1859) accompanied by twenty-seven illustrations, from original images by Halbot Knight Browne (“Phiz”) to cartoons from The Simpsons.
An expansive introduction and detailed explanatory annotations by Robert Douglas-Fairhurst.
Thematically organized contextual materials designed to promote classroom discussion. Topics include “Dickens on France and the French,” “Revolution and Aftermath,” “Living Graves,” “Learning French,” “The Composition of A Tale of Two Cities,” and “Theatrical Versions.”
Fourteen major critical assessments of A Tale of Two Cities: five contemporary reviews and nine modern essays.
A chronology and a selected bibliography.

Price: HK$150.00