The Essential Words and Writings of Clarence Darrow. Clarence Darrow.

The Essential Words and Writings of Clarence Darrow

New York: The Modern Library, 2007. First Edition. Trade Paperback. New. 13 x 20.5 cm. 254 pp. Item #13527

Edited and with an Introduction by Edward J. Larson and Jack Marshall

The celebrated American lawyer Clarence Darrow was renowned for his spirited, ruthlessly logical defense of populist causes and controversial ideas. Even today, Darrow’s words continue to frame public discussion about our civil liberties and our religious and civic life. In this timely volume, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Edward J. Larson and ethicist Jack Marshall assemble a broad and rich collection of the iconic lawyer’s words and writings–opening statements, trial arguments, lectures–accompanied by excerpts from his memoir and annotated with expert commentary. These selections showcase the mesmerizing power of Darrow’s passions and ideals, which have lost none of their impact or immediacy with the passage of time.

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