Islanders 島民 #02. Kit Chan, Myriem Alnet.
Islanders 島民 #02

Islanders 島民 #02

Hong Kong: Islanders, 2020. UUendy Lau (illustrator). Autumn 2020. Foldout enclosed in opaque envelope. NEW. Bilingual. B/W and colour illustrations. Map. 17.5 x 25 cm (folded). Item #13661

Issue #02

Peng Chau

Nourishing Land

Walk past the main street, a soft cloak covers the island with a verdant character. In this homogeneous setting, shiny mature fruits attract our attention. You might come across them at the market or at a relative's table, and if you get lucky, an islander might even hand you a papaya. In that case, accept the gift, take a bite and savour the taste of Peng Chau.


ISLANDERS島民 is a seasonal map-zine that enquires into islands, their people and lifestyles to develop original perspectives on sustainable living.

ISLANDERS島民 是一個獨立的地圖雜誌,透過向島嶼發問,我們希望探索可持續生活的原點。.

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