Classic Essays on Photography. Alan Trachtenberg.

Classic Essays on Photography

New Haven: Leete's Island Books, 1980. Fifth Printing. Paperback. NEW. Sources. Further Readings. 15 x 23 cm. 300 pp. Item #13891

This anthology gathers into a single volume 30 essays which embody the history of photography. Contributors include : Niepce, Daguerre, Fox Talbot, Poe, Baudelaire, Emerson, Hine, Stieglitz, Weston, Abbot, Barthes, and others. Their writings encompass the technical origin and development of the medium, the aesthetic perspective of many influential photographers, and the evolution of critical analysis of the photographic image and its place in American cultural history.

Alan Trachtenberg is the Neil Gray, Jr. professor emeritus of English and American studies at Yale University and the author of several books, including Reading American Photographs: Images As History, Mathew Brady to Walker Evans and Shades of Hiawatha.

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