Hong Kong: Growing Pains. Jon Ng.

Hong Kong: Growing Pains

Hong Kong: Proverse, 2020. Aceler Chua (cover design). First Edition. Paperback. Signed by author on title page. NEW. 14 x 21.5 cm. 72 pp. Item #14023

HONG KONG: GROWING PAINS is an exploration of the city of Hong Kong, detailing experiences that exist within its ever-changing space, examining some of the pressures felt while growing up in the financial entrepôt, before moving on to the translation of emotions felt during the tumultuous second half of 2019, as protests rocked the amorphous Special Administrative Region. Hong Kong: Growing Pains is Jon Ng’s first published collection.

"These poems are a love letter to Hong Kong, and a tribute to the small joys that the city offers those who slow down and take stock of their surroundings. The collection takes us on a spatial and temporal journey through the city, offering solace and familiarity in a time of change. It is often so difficult to write about Hong Kong without resorting to orientalist and colonial tropes, and Jon has quietly defied these stereotypes with nuanced lines that brim with honesty and emotion. Jon Ng is not only a Hong Kong poet but a true Hong Konger in every sense of the word."

—Karen Cheung, editor and journalist, Hong Kong.

Price: HK$98.00