Slightly Foxed Quarterly, Spring 2021. Hazel Wood Gail Pirkis.

Slightly Foxed Quarterly, Spring 2021

London: Slightly Foxed Ltd, 2021. Niki Bowers (cover art). No. 69. Softcover. NEW. B/W illustrations. Bibliography. 15 x 21 cm. 95 pp. Item #14506

The independent-minded quarterly that combines good looks, good writing and a personal approach. Slightly Foxed introduces its readers to books that are no longer new and fashionable but have lasting appeal. Good-humoured, unpretentious and a bit eccentric, it’s more like a well-read friend than a literary magazine.

"The Pram in the Hall"

In this issue:

Anthony Wells marvels at Montaigne • Ursula Buchan shelves her literary assumptions • Andy Merrills gets the lowdown on Lyndon B. Johnson • Alice Jolly stays up late with Dr Spock • C. J. Driver spends a month in the country • Sue Gaisford feels the dawn wind • Christopher Rush hears the clock strike thirteen • Ysenda Maxtone Graham gets stuck on the mezzanine • Selina Hastings pays a visit to Don Otavio • Chris Saunders goes tramping, and much more besides . . .

The Pram in the Hall • LAURA FREEMAN
Barbara Hepworth, A Pictorial Autobiography

Before the Slaughter • JUSTIN MAROZZI
Laurie Lee, As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning

Growing Pains • MARTIN SORRELL
Fred Uhlman, Reunion

Lyndon B. Johnson, Dad and Me • ANDY MERRILS
Robert Caro, The Path to Power; Means of Ascent; Master of the Senate; The Passage of Power

The Nightmare of Room 101 • CHRISTOPHER RUSH
George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four

Murder and Walnut Cake • JULIE WELCH
Hazel Holt’s Mrs Malory crime novels

Torrington’s Tours • ROGER HUDSON
The diaries of John Byng, Lord Torrington

Love at First Sight • CHARLES HEBBERT
The novels of Antal Szerb

Thank You, Dr Spock • ALICE JOLLY
Benjamin Spock, Dr Spock’s Baby and Child Care

Judgement Day • C. J. DRIVER
J. L. Carr, A Month in the Country

Light in the Dark Ages • SUE GAISFORD
Rosemary Sutcliff, Dawn Wind

A Kind of Cosmic Refugee • NIGEL ANDREW
The novels of Julia Strachey

Walking for the Sun and the Wind • CHRIS SAUNDERS
Stephen Graham, The Gentle Art of Tramping

Bruised, Shocked, but Elated • SELINA HASTINGS
Sybille Bedford, A Visit to Don Otavio

The Great Self-Examiner • ANTHONY WELLS
The essays of Michel de Montaigne

Nicholson Baker, The Mezzanine

Shelving My Assumptions • URSULA BUCHAN
Volunteering in a local public library.

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