The Lonely Dolphin. Sarah Bellis.

The Lonely Dolphin

Hong Kong: Gwulo, 2021. First Edition. Softcover. Signed by author on title page. NEW. Illustrated in full colour. 21 x 30 cm. Unpaginated (42 pp.). Item #15553

Silvia, a young dolphin, is swimming happily with her mother when their peace is shattered by
deafening noises. Fishermen are driving the dolphins into shallow water to capture them. Silvia is pulled from her mother and sold to an aquarium where she has to perform for visitors.

Will Silvia ever see her mother again?

After the story’s bittersweet ending, readers learn about dolphins’ special abilities, and about the cetaceans (dolphins and porpoises) that are local to Hong Kong’s waters.

About the author & illustrator:

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Sarah has recently completed sixth form at Kellett School. She studied Art and Biology A-levels, combining those skills with her interests in conservation to create The Lonely Dolphin.

Sarah hopes that after reading her book, children and their parents will think twice about visiting dolphin shows. This is one step towards the goal of ending the captivity of these intelligent creatures.

Sarah will go on to study for a BSc in Conservation Biology and Ecology at Exeter University.

Price: HK$80.00