China Perspectives No. 2021/2. French Centre for Research of Contemporary China.

China Perspectives No. 2021/2

Hong Kong: French Centre for Research of Contemporary China, 2021. Issue 125. Softcover. NEW. 21 x 28.5 cm. 81 pp. Item #15557


Editorial – Negotiating Agrarian Futures in China: Capital, Collectives, and Communities

From Peasant to Elite: Reshaping Agriculture in Gansu Province

Back to the Land “Peasant-entrepreneurs”: The New Actors of Chinese Peasant Agroecology

Convivial Agriculture: Evolving Food and Farming Activism in South China

Strong Village Leadership vs. Government Investment: Reflections on a Community Reconstruction Case in Southwest China


Reclaiming the New, Remaking the Local: Shenzhen at 40


GAFFRIC, Gwennaël. 2019. La Littérature à l’ère de l’Anthropocène. Une étude écocritique autour des œuvres de l’écrivain taïwanais Wu Ming-yi (Literature in the Anthropocene Era. An Ecocritical Study of the Works of Taiwanese Writer Wu Ming-yi). Paris: L’Asiathèque.

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