Chicago Studies in Political Economy. George J. Stigler.

Chicago Studies in Political Economy

Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 1988. Reprint. Paperback. USED - Fine/ As New. Minimal edgewear to wrap. A small scuff to top edge. Overall pristine and unread. Clean, unmarked, bright. Binding tight and square. Index. 15 x 23 x 3.5 cm. 641 pp. Item #15814

“There is no question that a well-defined ’Chicago School’ of political economy has emerged, built largely around the work of George J. Stigler and his colleagues. Chicago Studies in Political Economy brings together the key works in this field, works that have been extremely influential among economists who study political processes. It is a collection of enormous value.”—Roger G. Noll

Table of Contents

Preface by George J. Stigler
Part 1: The Political System
1. The Growth of Government
Sam Peltzman
2. Public Policies, Pressure Groups, and Dead Weight Costs
Gary S. Becker
3. Director’s Law of Public Income Redistribution
George J. Stigler
4. An Economic Interpretation of the History of Congressional Voting in the Twentieth Century
Sam Peltzman
5. A Theory of Primitive Society, with Special Reference to Law
Richard A. Posner
Part 2: The Theory of Regulation
6. The Theory of Economic Regulation
George J. Stigler
7. Toward a More General Theory of Regulation
Sam Peltzman
8. Why Regulate Utilities?
Harold Demsetz
9. The Social Costs of Monopoly and Regulation
Richard A. Posner
Part 3: Studies of Industry Regulation
10. An Evaluation of Consumer Protection Legislation: The 1962 Drug Amendments
Sam Peltzman
11. The Effects of Automobile Safety Regulation
Sam Peltzman
12. Consequences and Causes of Public Ownership of Urban Transit Facilities
B. Peter Pashigian
13. Discrimination in HEW: Is the Doctor Sick or Are the Patients Healthy?
George J. Borjas
14. The Effects of Consumer Safety Standards: The 1973 Mattress Flammability Standard
Peter Linneman
15. Insurance, Liability, and Accidents: A Theoretical and Empirical Investigation of the Effect of No-Fault on Accidents
Elisabeth M. Landes
16. Efficient Redistribution through Commodity Markets
Bruce L. Gardner
17. Environmental Regulation: Whose Self-Interests Are Being Protected?
B. Peter Pashigian
Part 4: Corrective Policies
18. Crime and Punishment: An Economic Approach
Gary S. Becker
19. Law Enforcement, Malfeasance, and Compensation of Enforcers
Gary S. Becker and George J. Stigler
20. The Impact of Product Recalls on the Wealth of Sellers
Gregg A. Jarrell and Sam Peltzman

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