Pluralism, Justice and Equality. Michael Walzer David Miller.

Pluralism, Justice and Equality

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1995. First Edition. Paperback. Used - As new. Original, illustrated card stock wraps. 13 x 21 cm. Index. 307 pp. Item #5865

The essays in this book by a group of leading political theorists assess and develop the central ideas of Michael Walzer's path-breaking Spheres of Justice. Is social justice a radically plural notion, with its principles determined by the different social goods that men and women allocate to one another? Is it possible to prevent the unequal distribution of money and power from distorting the allocation of other goods? If different goods are distributed by different mechanisms, what (if any) kind of social equality is possible? Are there universal principles of justice which apply regardless of context? These and other related questions are pursued in depth by the contributors.

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