Justice and Interpretation. Georgia Warnke.

Justice and Interpretation

Cambridge: Polity Press, 1992. First Edition. Hardcover. Used - Very good. Black cloth cover in fine condition, as are the binding and text block. 15 x 23 cm. Index. 178 pp. / Very good. Minor wear at top edge. Sticker damage at rear. Item #5879

In this book, [the author] traces the myriad ways in which interpretive perspectives have come to prominence in modem political philosophy. Focusing on the work of John Rawls, Michael Walzer, Ronald Dworkin, Charles Taylor, Alasdair MacIntyre, and Jurgen Habermas, Warnke finds an increasing concern with the grounding of political norms in communal values rather than on abstract, universal principles.Warnke develops the implications of this hermeneutic turn in political philosophy, identifying and defining a range of unresolved problems and suggesting a new model of democracy that takes free and equal discussion and mutual education as its primary values.

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