Ellanor and the Search for Organoth Blue Amber. K T. Durham.

Ellanor and the Search for Organoth Blue Amber

Singapore: Partridge Publishing, 2014. First Edition. Paperback. Signed by the author. NEW. Illustrations in B&W. 273 pp. Item #6055

International Book Awards Finalist
Best Book Awards Finalist.
Illustrations by Raquel Diaz.

Elly Celendis is not like the other elves in the realm of Alendria. She is insecure, has unruly hair, loathes pink, lacks musical aptitude, and hates going to school, where she is tormented by the Three Flamingos, the meanest clique at Arvellon Academy. To top it off, she is dreading her twelfth birthday party and is now experiencing puzzling dreams and visions. Elly aspires to become an explorer like her grandpapa and heroine, Larabeth Goldberry, so she can venture into different realms-especially the human realm of Gaya, which has been sealed off for a hundred years. But her wish comes true much sooner than expected after she is fooled by a goblin and pushed through a portal into Gaya, where she becomes stranded. Desperate to find her way back home, Elly masquerades as a human as she attempts to track down an elusive blue amber that she hopes will repair the damaged portal. Along the way, Elly forges friendships and discovers secrets about her homeland with the potential to change her life forever. In this fantasy tale, a unique elf on the adventure of her life is about to realize powerful forces are at play in Alendria that are far more sinister than she ever imagined.

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