New Trends and Challenges in China's Foreign Policy. Marita Siika Joseph Y. S. Cheng.

New Trends and Challenges in China's Foreign Policy

Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong/Contemporary China Research Prjoe, 2015. Softcover. New. Charts and tables. Index. 15 x 23 cm. 394 pp. Item #6404
ISBN: 9789624423891

Despite China’s consistent emphasis in its “peaceful” rise, the outside world remains skeptical. The “China threat” perception seems only to have grown with China’s comprehensive national power. Is China a threat or a helping hand in creating peace and harmony? While the Chinese leadership clearly has a blueprint for the establishment of a new international order with globalization and regional integration intensify, there is no easy answer to the question. A close review of China’s handling of conflicts and diplomatic relations, however, may shed some light on this issue.

New Trends and Challenges in China’s Foreign Policy is based on the Turku Conference in May 2012. The book gathers a team of international relations experts, representing different schools, traditions and generations of research in Chinese foreign policy, to examine questions like: What are the foreign policy objectives of the Chinese leadership in the short, intermediate and long term? What are the international community’s perceptions and assessments of such objectives? What are the Chinese leadership’s strategies to realize the above objectives? Is there a mismatch between China’s foreign policy objectives and strategies adopted?

China is an important player in the international arena; its foreign policies undeniably may have the greatest international impact to the international order and power relations. This volume provides insights for students and scholars of international relations and China studies; it can also be a valuable reference for policymakers and readers who are interested in Chinese politics.

Contributors to this volume include:
Joseph Y.S. Cheng
Keegan Elmer
Jurki Kallio
Mingyu Lee
Mikael Mattlin
Yoshifumi Nakai
Andrew J. Nathan
Matti Portyakov
Andrew Scobell
Huangao Shi
Marita Siika
Juha A. Vuori
Michael Yahuda
Qingmin Zhang.

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