Homecoming. Brewster Horwitz Jiro Osaragi, Harold Strauss, tr, intro.


Tokyo, Japan: Tuttle Publishing, 2006. Reprint. Japanese Edition (text in English). Paperback. Used - Fine/As New. 13 x 20 cm. 303 pp. Item #6646

Jiro Osaragi's Homecoming, originally published in 1950 as Kikyo, was the first contemporary Japanese novel to be translated into English after World War II. Against a backdrop of often confrontational and coincidental meetings and partings, fleeting joys and regrets, initially in Singapore and then in Japan, it describes the author's anger at the trivial attitudes that surfaced after the war through a gallery of magnificent contemporary portraits: Kyogo, whose exile and Europeanization have made him yearn for old-fashioned ways: Professor Oki, an opportunistic and hypocritical bureaucrat shaped by war and its aftermath; Saeko, the adventuress, and her husband, the ineffectual son of an aristocratic family; Otane, his passive mistress, the prototype of the geisha; Admiral Ushigi, who represents the attitudes of former officers toward new times in Japan; Toshi, the slick undergraduate who justifies his 'democratic' egotism with glib argument; and Yukichi, the repository of Japan's hope. The novel is an honest portrayal of postwar Japanese feelings and characteristics from a purely internal point of view.

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