The Japanese Mistress. Richard Neely.

The Japanese Mistress

Tokyo, Japan: Tuttle Publishing, 2006. Reprint. Japanese Edition (text in English). First Tuttle Edition. Paperback. Used - Fine. 13 x 20 cm. 214 pp. Item #6651

From the New York Times, Dec. 30, 1972:

“The Japanese Mistress” is constructed as delicately as a cat's cradle, yet perfectly persuasive at every, point. The ending, really the endings, will surprise everyone, arid each is snapped off with the speed and dazzle of a prestidigitator's card tricks. Mr. Neely is an ingenious man.

Gardner Prescott has gone out to Cali fornia to finish, a novel. He is living on a houseboat lent by a friend, and lboks up a relative he hasn't seen Since he was a child, one Tina Welles. She, Ate, discovers, is now a sophisticated and attractive wom an and, as he also discovers, of a Compliant amorous disposition. He learns other things too; that she and her husband are not getting along together and that they have an adopted daughter Whom Tina hates with an intensity greater than the occasion demands.

Chain of Happenings

Tina tells Prescott a strange tale:, that her husband, while serving in Japan in World War II, fell in love and lilted with a Japanese girl, even though he was al ready married to Tina, that he has now, 20‐odd years later, brought the Woman to the United States and that he plans to re establish the old relationship. Prescott is asked to help Tina expose her husband. Her request and his agreement to it set in motion an eerie and convoluted chain of happenings that eventually involves the death of Tina.

This is one story, every reader should stay with until the very end—not that he or she will have any trouble doing so.

Price: HK$120.00

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