Kafka on the Shore. Philip Gabriel Haruki Murakami, tr.

Kafka on the Shore

London: Vintage, 2005. Reprint. Paperback. New. 11 x 17.5 cm. 615 pp. Item #7227

Kafka Tamura runs away from home at fifteen, under the shadow of his father's dark prophesy.

The aging Nakata, tracker of lost cats, who never recovered from a bizarre childhood affliction, finds his pleasantly simplified life suddenly turned upside down.

As their parallel odysseys unravel, cats converse with people; fish tumble from the sky; a ghost-like pimp deploys a Hegel-spouting girl of the night; a forest harbours soldiers apparently un-aged since World War II. There is a savage killing, but the identity of both victim and killer is a riddle - one of many which combine to create an elegant and dreamlike masterpiece.

Price: HK$120.00