A Mile Beyond the Moon. C M. Kornbluth.

A Mile Beyond the Moon

New York: Manor Books Inc., 1972. Third Printing. Paperback. Used - Good/Very Good. Some slanting and creasing to spine. Toned. Clean and unmarked. Tight binding. 11 x 18 cm. 175 pp. Item #8350

Deft and funny, wicked and wise... Here is science fiction at its peak. C. M. Kornbluth was one of the great masters of the form: gathered here are his best short stories. This posthumous collection takes you on wild excursions past unexplored boundaries of time and space, society, morals, customs and science. Here are the dilemmas--comic or tragic, ironic or fantastic--that confront the individual when technology advances relentlessly past humanity's capacity to absorb it. These stories are never horse-operas with Martian settings. They are sensitive, superbly written, humanity-conscious tales of people struggling in a world they might have made--but never mastered. Contents: Make Mine Mars, The Meddlers, The Events Leading Down to the Tragedy, The Little Black Bag (2001 Retro Hugo award, best novelette of 1950), Everybody Knows Joe, Time Bum, Virginia, Kazam Collects, The Last Man Left in the Bar, The Adventurer, The Words of Guru (voted into the Fantasy Hall of Fame by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America), & Shark Ship (aka Reap the Dark Tide) (nominated, 1959 Hugo Award).

Some of the stories collected in this book include: THE LITTLE BLACK BAG: C.M. Kornbluth's most famous story, about the physician's bag that appeared from nowhere and rejuvenated a sodden twentieth century drunk who suddenly remembered that he had once been a doctor. SHARK SHIP: Ordinarily, the ship--with 20,000 aboard--would have been doomed. But the lady archivist found a loophole in the Charter. So after 141 years at sea, the ship headed for land, the unknown. TIME BUM: Jubilantly, he knew he had the greatest con of his career. No one would ever tip the cops afterward--no one. And Harry was right. He was also peculiarly wrong. THE WORDS OF GURU: There was one more word he wanted. He could make himself invisible, traverse time and space, kill any man. But there was one more word.

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