the CLOUD that fell from the sky. Phoenix Brown Judy Choi, Francis George.
the CLOUD that fell from the sky

the CLOUD that fell from the sky

Las Vegas: Tigrefou Editions, 2018. Francis George (photos). First Edition. Hardcover. Signed by author and photographer.

** Please note additional shipping charges for this over-sized, heavy item. **. NEW. Hardcover and string-bound. 25 x 30.5 x 2.5 cm. Unpaginated. Item #8509

In 2015, Judy Choi discovered in a journal the poems of her 15-year old niece, Phoenix. When she first read her poems, she couldn't believe that someone of her age could write in such an eloquent and sophisticated manner. Phoenix's poems were so beautiful, yet, poignant and tragic at the same time. She was writing poetry as a way to cope with her parents' drug addiction.

Often sad and dark, her poems provide an introspection into the adolescent mindset, expressing the loneliness and emptiness she was feeling due to the absence of her parents from her life.

This book is a true work of art. To our knowledge, it is the first hard cover, fully illustrated book using high quality paper produced with this type of artisanal binding. It will become a collector's item for the discerning bibliophile and is the first volume of a three-part series.

Price: HK$600.00