Footsteps in Silence. Gene Krell Naoko Inagaki Krell.

Footsteps in Silence

2019. LIMITED, FIRST EDITION. 500 numbered copies. Each signed by the the authors. NEW. Softcover with 71 full color photographs and an insert in Japanese. Signed by the authors/photographers on first page. 24 x 17.5 x 1.5 cm (oblong). Unpaginated. Item #9821

Bleak House Books is humbled and honored to be one of two Hong Kong distributors of ‘Footsteps in Silence’.

‘Footsteps in Silence’ is a book of photographs taken in and around Hong Kong by husband and wife team Naoko (Nao) Inagaki Krell and Gene Krell. Nao is an installation artist and photographer and, her husband, Gene is the creative director for Vogue Japan and GQ Japan, among other Conde Nast Japan publications.

The photographs in the book are of Old Hong Kong -- the kind that still exists today in one form or another and that has to do with Hong Kongers and the livelihoods they’ve created for themselves. They are of a Hong Kong that will no longer be with us in 5, 10 years time, succumbing to, as Nao describes it, ‘waves of urban redevelopment” that have engulfed Hong Kong and other cities around the world.

If we were asked to describe the book and its photographs in three words they would be: ‘intimate’, ‘moving’ and ‘sad’.

Here’s Gene on what Hong Kong means to Nao and himself:

Nao calls her camera her ‘Time Machine’ recording with a certain vision what was and how it framed and characterized its people to express what it meant, what it means to so many, what it means to be a Hong Konger. A place of solace and Joy. A place not separated by mountain nor Sea. It occupies a space we all recognize. It humbles and moves us, continues to drive us. Above all, it offers hope. It calls upon the struggles we all face the sacrifices we make, all to survive and all to overcome. Not so much to change the world but to keep the world from changing us. The reality is one day Hong kong will perhaps no longer hold the virtue, the allure of its past and that is a day we shall mourn. Mourn for its failure to acknowledge all that is sacred and all that can never be replaced.

Learn more about Naoko, Gene, and their wonderful book, 'Footsteps in Silence' here:

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