Marrow (Penguin Specials). Carlos Rojas Yan Lianke, tr.

Marrow (Penguin Specials)

Penguin Group Australia, 2015. First edition. Paperback. China Specials. New. 103 pp. Item #9892

Palou Tiange slowly unfolds as a story of grotesque cannibalism in a small village in the Palou Mountains, Henan province. In the story, a mother takes extreme measures to try to cure her children from a psychiatric illness. First, she feeds them a medicinal soup made from the bones of her dead husband when she finds out that bones "the closer from kin the better" can save her children. When she runs out of bones, she finds a way to dismember herself. To save her children, cannibalism is the only resort.

Price: HK$70.00

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